Money Professionals

Investment Management

Our Customized Approach

Money Professionals LLC is a fee-only advisory firm, which means that we do not receive any commission or compensation from any investment that is placed in your portfolio or from any third party provider. We work for you!

We believe that an individual’s investment approach must be appropriate with respect to the current financial situation and to long term needs and goals.

Further, we believe that the purpose of investing is the achievement of your identified income and accumulation goals; not the maximization of returns. Acceptance of inordinate risk is inappropriate and unnecessary.

By Federal law, we act in a fiduciary capacity, which means that we must place your best interest over the interest of our firm in all circumstances. We are legally obligated to maintain an allegiance of confidentiality, trust, loyalty, disclosure, obedience and accounting to our clients. As a fee-only advisory firm, we are also subject to ongoing regulatory oversight.

The Investment Process

We generally begin a relationship by assessing a new client’s financial situation, goals and desires, and the appropriate level of investment risk. This process generally involves one or more interviews with a new client, as well as the discussion and completion of an extensive Risk Tolerance Questionnaire.

Our financial forecasting tools assist us in identifying the minimum average annual return required of your portfolio to meet your specific goal for accumulation or income. Our Risk Tolerance Assessment then seeks to identify your specific tolerance for various types of risk, to include volatility, and variance from established goals. This analysis allows us to determine an appropriate asset allocation for your portfolio.

We then attempt to select investments that are likely, over time, to meet or exceed that portfolio’s goal and yet remain within the identified risk tolerance. Our selections reflect your individual concerns and our assessment of the current state of the economy and the markets.

The best mathematical models cannot anticipate all eventualities. By making conservative initial assumptions, we increase the probability that mid course corrections will be positive.

There is no “right” asset allocation for everyone. For example, there are over 7,700 publicly traded securities and over 11,000 mutual funds. No single institution, mutual fund family, or brokerage house has a record of outperforming in all the major asset categories. Each portfolio we manage is individually constructed, based on the needs and risk tolerance of the client.

Transaction costs and fund expenses reduce potential returns. Therefore, we make every effort to control those costs. Taxes can also impact the overall success of your portfolio, and therefore, we seek ways to work legally and conservatively within the tax laws to reduce income taxes and to defer, lessen, or eliminate capital gains taxes. We also assist our clients in identifying methods for the reduction or elimination of estate taxes, legally and conservatively.

We can provide specialized management services for your Taxable Portfolios; ROTH and Traditional IRAs; Inherited IRAs; Annuities; Self-directed and Employer-sponsored 401k and 403b Plans.

Our discretionary portfolio management fees are determined on a case-by-case basis, based on the size of the portfolio to be managed, as well as the goals and complexities of the portfolio. These fees are collected on a monthly basis in arrears.

Our investment advisory team will be happy to provide additional information and a quotation for your specific portfolio management needs.